Advertise.Targeting Developers. is a widely appreciated, and the number one, connection string resource for developers and IT professionals.

With 13,000 visits a day and millions of unique users, offerings can be widely communicated through our awareness display channels.

Your brand will reach well-experienced IT professionals and developers.


The audience is international and english speaking well-experienced developers and IT professionals. The site is a straight to the point reference and expects a certain level of knowledge which leads to attraction from well-experienced people rather than newbies.


All campaigns are managed through the CSAS Advertising System which provides detailed tracking of ad performance, unlimited banner rotation, precise robot filtering and detailed reports. There are two types of campaigns; Slot campaigns and CPM campaigns.


Image, animation and text is available for each placement. An unlimited number of banners are allowed for rotation to encourage performance optimization.


Price per Slot
calculated CPM for
expected 60,000 impressions
$265 / slot $4.42 CPM *
300x250 and 336x280
$247 / slot $4.12 CPM *

   * number of impressions will vary, the table includes expected CPM (60,000 impressions) price equivalent only as a reference

CPM campaign prices are negotiated upon request.

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" is the perfect place for us to reach our customers. They deliver not only a great ROI, but outstanding customer service as well!"
Chris Conley, Marketing Manager, Windward

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